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FDA/CE Certifications is a Massachusetts company dedicated to the promotion of
continuing education activities for licensed Marriage & Family Therapists nationwide.

FDA/CE was founded in 1992, at the time that MFT licensure was passed into law in
Massachusetts. The MA licensing law required continuing education of all licensee's
at renewal. According to the MA law, continuing education, to count toward renewal,
would have to be approved either by the AAMFT national organization or by the
MA Division of AAMFT
(MAMFT). Because AAMFT decided to not offer a national
CE review process a local solution was needed.

FDA/CE submitted proposals to the MAMFT and to the MA Department of (Professional)
Registration to draft and administer the protocols for review and certification of mental
health training activities that would qualify for MFT license renewal.

In March, 1993, FDA/CE was awarded a contract by the MA Division of Registration,
Board of Allied Mental Health and Human Service Professions, to work with MAMFT
in developing and administering the review process. Since that time, and until the present,
FDA/CE has served in that role continuously.

From March, 1993 until September, 2002, FDA/CE reviewed 3726 mental health
professional training programs. As of December 2015, over 15,000 activities have been reviewed. The listings of all certified activities are here.



In 2001, FDA/CE began offering it's own self-study CE program exclusively for
licensed MFT's called "Read for CE". Registrants receive CE credit for reading
current or classic MFT books or journal articles, after passing an exam which
demonstrates their having read the material and integrated it into their work.



In March, 1995 FDA/CE was approached by the Connecticut Division of AAMFT
to consult with their Board of Directors to develop a protocol for the review of MFT
continuing education for Connecticut licensee's. After the successful completion of
the development process, FDA/CE was asked to submit a proposal to adminster the
CT review program. The proposal was accepted in May, 1995.

FDA/CE expanded it's existing MA review infrastructure to include CT. From May,
1995 through June, 2001, FDA/CE reviewed 976 professional training activities for
the CT Division of AAMFT. In June, 2001, after consultation and training, the CT
Division took over it's own review program, built upon the FDA/CE protocols.



In the Fall of 1998, FDA/CE was approached by the Board of Directors of the
Rhode Island Division of AAMFT to consult on the development of a protocol for
continuing education review for RI licensed MFT's. At the conclusion of that
process, FDA/CE was asked to submit a proposal to administer the RI review program.

In January, 1999, FDA/CE was awarded the RI review program. From that time
thru September, 2002, a total of 376 professional training activities were certified
for RI MFT licensee's.



Over the years, FDA/CE has consulted with Boards from numerous other states,
including New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York (which as of this writing still
has not passed it's MFT licensing law), Nevada and Colorado about review of
continuing education programs, and is always available to provide information,
consultation and potentially to submit proposals to expand it's activities to include
additional states.



If you would like more information about any of the above or want to discuss the
possibility of FDA/CE's participation in your state's review program, please contact:

40 SPEEN ST., #106


voice 800-814-9100 ext. 6
fax 508-217-3323
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