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Qualified Continuing Education Activities

for Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists
in Massachusetts & Rhode Island

updated: 12/1/2007

Three broad categories of continuing education can be certified.

1. Professional Practice Activities

These activities enhance clinicians' ability to understand and function within the legal, economic and regulatory environments.

Some of the possible topics are:

• Practice Development                                                 • Mental Health and Domestic Law, including legislative issues

• Therapist "Burn-Out"                                                  • Expert Witness Testimony

• Managed Care                                                           • Risk Management

• Financial Management                                                • Ethics for clinicians

2. Marriage & Family Therapy Activities

Clinical, theoretical, research, and all other activities will be eligible for certification if they expressly address at least one of the
 following: (for the purposes of this section, you may assume a very broad definition of "couple" and "family").

a. Methods: clinical or research methods which can be used with couples and families.

b. Theory: ideas about how couples and families function.

c. Research Methods or Results: focusing on families and/or practice of MFT.

d. Training and Supervision: learning to teach or supervise other MFT's (on-going clinical supervision is excluded.)


3. Other Relevant Clinical Activities

The following specific content areas and clinical methods have been identified as also being directly relevant to the practice of Marriage & Family Therapy. CE activities addressing these issues will be eligible for MFT certification, whether or not they prominently address MFT. 


Gay and lesbian issues

Adult children of abusive families

Gender identity


Gender ( including men's and women's issues)

Brief Therapy

Home-Based clinical services

Child abuse and neglect

Identifying dangerousness



Crisis Intervention

Post-modern, Narrative & Conversational clinical models

Divorce, custody and mediation

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Domestic violence


Eating disorders

Sexual abuse and recovery

Ethnicity & multi-cultural clinical issues

Sexuality and sexual dysfunction

Family Law

Sex Therapy

Family Medicine

Substance abuse and recover


Solution-Focused Therapy

Foster Care

Supervision of clinical practice

Genetics and Family Therapy


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