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U.S. State-by-State

License requirements and other regulations for Marriage & Family Therapists in the United States, are determined by each state.

Obtaining licensing laws and regulations for each state:

Listed below is an internet link to search for your state's licensing laws and MFT Board's regulations online. You can get to these sites by simply clicking on the link below, and then finding your state in the list you are presented with.

Try the AAMFT listing of state regulatory boards first. If yours isn't listed go on to the legislative search engines listed below. With these, you may need to search around a bit once you arrive at your state's archives. A couple of tips: if you are presented with a search engine (it says something like: "Search here!") enter phrases like "Marriage and Family Therapy licensing" or "Marriage and Family Therapist regulations."

You can also look for a licensing authority. In Massachusetts, for example it's the Board of Registration. In some other states the licensing authority is part of the Dept. of Public Health.

If you have no luck, try searching for that state's Psychologist or Social Worker licensing laws. These have been on the books much longer and may lead you to the hiding place of other mental health professions' regulations.

Search All States & US Federal laws & regulations here...

1. AAMFT's listing of all state MFT regulatory boards and their web sites.

2. Search State Legislation, USA Nationwide.

Some additional Governmental Resources.

3. FedWorld.
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.State Homepages.


Secondary links:

There are two other links that might help. Try these for shortcuts, altho they are not usually as up-to-date as the direct links to the state's ownarchives.

1. American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Inc. is the primary national professional association for MFT's, and has been significantly involved and well informed about state MFT regulation. Check this site for licensing information and links to professional associations in the state you are searching.

2. Association of Marriage & Family Therapy Regulatory Boards (AMFTRB). is the association of governmental regulatory boards that advocates for MFT regulation and authors and administers theMFT licensing examination used in all states which license MFT's, EXCEPT CALIFORNIA. California currently uses it's own examination which is significantly different from the "national" standard AMFTRB exam. (Family Solutions' Workshops prepare candidates for this national standard exam, but not for the California exam.)

Please let us know of any additional resources you'd like to see here and problems with any of these links. Email comments to: licprep@fso.com

Tools for Reading Online Documents:

You may need software utility tools for reading documents you download from some the of listed www sites. Check each state's site for details.The most common utility is Adobe's Acrobat Reader, linked below.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

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