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Erectile Dysfunction:
Integrating Couple Therapy, Sex Therapy,
and medical Treatment.

by Gerald R. Weeks and nancy Gambescia,
2000, Norton:NYC.

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8.0 CE hours will be earned for this book.
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From the publisher:

With the release of Viagra, erectile dysfunction has become an acceptable topic of advertising and public discussion. Impotence is a wisespread phenomenon; about half of couples entering sex therapy and one quarter of those entering marital therapy will complain of this problem. As baby boomers enter their fifties and frow older during the next few decades, many more men will be affected by this problem. In this groundbreaking work the authors present the first serious discussion of comprehensive psychological and medical treatments for erectile dysfunction after the advent of Viagra.

... The book presents medical information (about various kinds of drugs as well as other interventions); physiological information (why certain drugs work and why some don't); psychological information (the effects of the disorder on both the individual and the couple); and practical information (when and how to seek treatment and what type of treatment works best under different conditions).


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