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Extending EMDR: A Casebook of Innovative Applications

by Philip Manfield
292 pages / 1998 / ISBN: 0-393-70266-9

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Discription by the publisher:

Extending EMDR: A Casebook of Innovative Applications.
, by P. Manfield.

This book picks up where formal EMDR training leaves off. Research has now shown that EMDR is powerfully effective in the treatment of residual psychological effects of a single-incident trauma. Through case studies, this book explores other areas where EMDR may be helpful, including long-term childhood abuse and complex PTSD. The eleven case reports illustrate the application of EMDR to a broad range of cases. The many clinical transcripts will help newly trained EMDR clinicians fell comfortable using EMDR with their clients and provide models for experienced EMDR clinicians to broaden their use of EMDR. The clear explanations of the treatment processes will demystify EMDR for both clinicians and clients.
The introduction includes basic descriptions of EMDR and the accelerated information processing model, as well as definitions of its terminology. Each of the following chapters begins with a discussion of the contributors background, the principles of the traditional treatment approach used before incorporating EMDR, and the ways he or she has integrated EMDR into that approach. The contributors, who represent various orientations, including psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, and systems, demonstrate the importance of procedural fidelity while extending EMDR protocols.


Table of Contents
Foreword by Francine Shapiro, Ph.D.
I: Targeting Discrete Memories
EMDR Terms and Procedures: Resolution of Uncomplicated Depression
Philip Manfield
Postpartum Depression: Helping a New Mother to Bond
Laurel Parnell
Emerging from the Coffin: Treatment of a Masochistic Personality Disorder
David Grand
The Invisible Volcano: Overcoming Denial of Rage
Elizabeth Snyker
Filling the Void: Resolution of a Major Depression
Philip Manfield
Imaginary Crimes: Resolving Survivor Guilt and Writer's Block
Lewis Engel
II: Treating Adults with Histories of Chronic Childhood Trauma or Abuse
Healing Hidden Pain: Resolving the Effects of Childhood Abuse and Neglect
Silke Vogelmann-Sine
"Am I Real?": Mobilizing Inner Strength to Develop a Mature Identity
Joan Lovett
Treating a Highly Defended Client: Reworking Traditional Approaches
David C. Manfield
"It was a Golden Time...": Treating Narcissistic Vulnerability
Jim Knipe
Lifting the Burden of Shame: Using EMDR Resource Installation to Resolve a Therapeutic Impasse
Andrew M. Leeds
About the Author
Philip Manfield, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist in the San Francisco East Bay area, where he also conducts consultation groups and supervises clinicians. He has been an EMDR facilitator since 1992, participating in trainings in the United States and Europe. He has taught at JFK Graduate School of Professional Psychology (Orinda, CA). He is the author of Split Self/ Split Object: Understanding and Treating Borderline, Narcissistic, and Schizoid Disorders (Jason Aronson, 1992).

"EMDR is one of the most intriguing psychotherapeutic developments to appear in some time. This volume offers a vivid picture of its practice and expanding range of applications. It will be useful both to clinicians wishing to explore the use of EMDR in their won practices and to researchers interested in evaluating this still controversial treatment method"
-Paul L. Wachtel, Ph.D.
CUNY Distinguished Professor, City University of New York
"Extending EMDR is an important and necessary addition to the library of any clinician using EMDR. It is also important reading for clinicians interested in current developments in psychotherapy. In this collection of eleven case studies, experienced, creative psychotherapists describe the application of EMDR in complex cases. The contributors detail modifications of the basic protocol that each developed to address difficult clinical problems."
-David A. Console, M.D.
The Menninger Foundation




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