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CE Exam Book Selection:

Genograms: Assessment and Intervention

        by Monica McGoldrick, Randy Gerson, and Sylvia Shellenberger
234 pages (March 1999)
W W Norton & Company; ISBN: 0-393-70283-9

CE Value:
4.0 CE hours will be earned for this book.
$32.00 for exam and CE verification.
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Discription by the publisher:

Genograms: Assessment and Intervention, by McGoldrick and Gerson.

1. Genograms: Mapping Family Systems
2. Developing a Genogram to Track Family Patterns
3. Interpreting Family Structure from Genograms
4. Family Relational Patterns and Triangles
5. Assessing Family Roles, Functioning, Balance, Resilience, and Resources
6. Using Genograms to Track Families through the Life Cycle
7. Clinical Uses of the Genogram
8. Using Genograms for Family Research



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