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Solution Talk: Hosting Therapeutic Conversations

by Ben Furman With Tapani Ahola

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Solution talk is a term Furman and Ahola use to refer to a constructive and agreeable manner of talking with people about problems. A conversation dominated by "solution talk" rather than "problem talk" is characterized by an atmosphere of mutual respect and is likely to focus on the future rather than the past, on resources rather than failings, on success and progress rather than failure, on credit rather than blame, and on solutions rather than problems. Furman and Ahola persuasively demonstrate how simply inviting people to generate visions of a positive future can open the way to new possibilities. Told with candor, respect and humor, these stories refreshingly document the emerging view of psychotherapy not as a method of curing disturbed people and families, nor as a technique for fixing problems, but rather as a way of conversing with people that is likely to inspire solutions and enhance collaboration among those concerned.

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