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From Violence, Toward Love:
One Therapist's Journey

by Marjorie Holiman
0-393-70255-3 November 1997 336 pages

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Discription by the publisher:

From Violence Toward Love,
by M. Holiman.

This is the evocative story of one therapist's experiences with violence. Bridging the personal and the professional, Marjorie Holiman emphasizes how violence destroys relationships while respect and love generate new connections. Like many in our society, Holiman grew up in a household where the fabric of everyday life was torn intermittently and unpredictably by violence. Later she experienced her own potential for violence, teetering on the edge between intention and action. Reaching out for help from others and drawing on her own insight and determination, Holiman turned from violence toward love. The therapist makes connections between her own experiences and those of others-the taste of fear, the intrusion of troubling memories, the impulse to hurt again, the glimmer of hope. She does not simply relate her cases; she lets the reader feel what it is like to work with people who are violent and those who have been violated-the times she stuggles to understand the experiences of others and the celebrations she shares with people who are changing.

After setting a context for therapy and for understanding violent situations, Holiman outlines nine therapy tasks to help people change, including attention to safety, responsibility, retribution, and forgiveness. She does not shy away from the difficult topics: clients' memories of Satanic cults, the politics of therapy and their effects on practice, and mistakes the therapist will likely make.

Lyrical and moving, From Violence, Toward Love tackles one of the most difficult problems of any society with a balance of practicality and deep humanity. Readers who join Marjorie Holiman on her journey will not be disappointed.

Advance Acclaim:

"A courageous, provocative challenge to mainstream thinking regarding the very nature of violence-and its cure. This is not just another book judging perpetrators as 'bad guys' and victims as 'good guys in need of a rescue'; instead Holiman adroitly examines the complex relationship both within and between perpetrator and victim and does so with wisdom and compassion. Her treatment approach carefully balances the polarities between rescuing from and ignoring harm-a model focused on changing one's relationship with oneself, others, and the world. Be prepared to face yourself, as she has, with remarkable honesty. From Violence, Toward Love is a must for every professional who works with any aspect of violence."-Noel R. Larson, Ph.D. Co-author of Incestuous Families

"From Violence, Toward Love combines unrelenting truth, deep personal experience, and inspiring courage in its presentation of the reality of trauma and violence, the risks of therapeutic alliance, and the genuine promise of recovery. Using deeply moving examples, Dr. Holiman provides very practical advice for survivors, care providers, and all those who encounter the pain of violence and trauma in their lives and their work. This is an extraordinary contribution to the field of traumatic stress." -Ellen T. Gerrity, Ph.D. Co-editor of Ethnocultural Aspects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


About the Author:

MARJORIE HOLIMAN, PH.D., has a private psychotherapy practice in Tucson and supervises graduate students at the University of Arizona.



1.What I Know About Therapy
2.My Own Experiences with Violence
3.Sexual Assault: How Do I Respond to Trauma?


4.Women Abused as Children: How Can I Help Long After the Event?
5.The Violent Relationship: Can I Help Both People?
6.Memories of Satanic Cults: What If I Don't Have a Context?
7.Women Who Are Violent: Does the Bell Toll for Me?



8.Therapist as Participant Observer: What Do I See?
9.Therapy Constructs, Part One: How Do I Begin?
10.Therapy Constructs, Part Two: What About Thoughts and Feelings?
11.Therapy Constructs, Part Three: What About Moving On?


12.The Politics of Therapy: Does Someone Have to Lose?
13.Measuring the Marigolds: What About Mistakes?
14.Conclusions: My Own Road Home


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